Car Driving Adulthood

I learnt how to drive a year ago (when I turned 30) and I managed to gather a lot of practice through a car I borrowed for a couple of months.

Despite all my mental might, I was unable to suppress walking the skill-spectrum of driving and its perception of adulthood and the associated ego that it carried along.

The spectrum goes roughly like this –

I can drive now, but I kind of suck and I keep stalling.

I'm a little better, but I find it hard to drive bumper-to-bumper in Indian traffic.

I still require people in the car to be quiet because I absolutely cannot chitter-chatter whilst concentrating.

I can take you anywhere in the city, but it still feels like a bit of a drag.

It has stopped taking a toll on me, it’s essentially second nature.

I can go outside my home-base, wherever you please.

I'm now a capital-A-dult and driving a car is just another limb for me. I have absolutely no fear driving in India-like countries.

I can drive pretty much anywhere in the world.

I really wish I did not have access to this section of consciousness in my life.